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About our Company

Cyber Age Limited was first established in 2000 to offer system integration services to small & medium enterprises in Hong Kong. To go hand in hand with our customers to expand their business and in response to increasing demand in technology, Lobster Limited and Lobster Information Technology (Shenzhen) Limited were lately formed to offer business management solutions and cover customer needs in mainland China.

Lobster Holdings Company Limited is established in 2017, holding all the companies, to better serve customers across businesses and regions. Lobster is adopted as the company imagery. Like a lobster shells to be bigger and stronger, we unlearn, learn and grow to help customers and their businesses.

Over the years, we have been working closely with our strategic partners including Microsoft, Watchguard, Topsec Security, ABSS MYOB, Sage Asia, Xero etc. to deloy the right solutions to cater for customer changing business needs. Thanks for the various awards and recognitions given by our partners to upkeep our service level and enable us to move forward to serve our customers better.

Cyber Age Limited – focus on computing, network infrastructure and security to help customers to gain competitive edges.

Lobster Limited – focus on business management solutions including solutions selling, execution, consultation, training and everyday support services.

Lobster Information Technology (Shenzhen) Limited – work closely with companies in Hong Kong to serve customers in mainland China.


2000 Establishment of Cyber Age Limited
2006 Became partners with WatchGuard & Microsoft
2008 Became Microsoft Gold Partner
2009 Establishment of Lobster Education Centre
2010 Establishment of Lobster Limited
2011 Became MYOB Partner
2012 Became Sage Partner
2012 Became MYOB Platinum Partner
2016 Establishment of Lobster Information Technology (Shenzhen) Limited
2017 Establishment of Lobster Holdings Company Limited
2019 Became WatchGuard Outstanding Partner
2020 Became Xero Partner
2021 Establishment of MYOB e-learning platform
2023 Cyber Age Limited certified ISO27001
2023 Became Xero Gold Partner

About the Lobster Imagery

During a visit in an aquarium, our director was fascinated by so many lobster shells mounted on a wall. Lobster shells many times throughout its life to be bigger and stronger. Although lobsters can become vulnerable after shelling, they dare to take risks so that stronger shells can grow.

Our company is named “Lobster” because we aspire to unlearn so as to have the capacity to learn & grow, which allows us to keep up with the ever-changing market and technology, and evolve sustainably with our clients.