About Coswin 8i

Coswin 8i is a cloud-based enterprise asset management (EAS) and computer maintenance management solution (CMMS) from Siveco. The solution offers customizable user profiles and maintenance functionalities such as asset, inventory and work order management, preventive and predictive maintenance. Coswin 8i’s main dashboard view offers access to all these features and displays key performance indicators.

The integrated dashboard, analysis and reporting tool
Use for operations

Coswin 8i enables users to allocate work orders as well as users can view a calendar to see available hours and assign work.

All operators equipped by mobiles
– Routine inspections
– Meters and measurements
– Quality Checks
– HSE incident reports
– Work supervision (e.g. construction)

Management/ tracking of all above in control room (large touch screen) and PCs. Operators access all technical maintenance data as needed. Direct access and usage of the BIM model in day-to-day operations

Asset Management & Project Management

The asset management screen displays data about each machine and documents or images tied to the particular asset. The solution can also manage the inventory of single or multiple warehouses by tracking non-stock items, inward movement, outward movement and repairable items.

Coswin 8i provides a maintenance project management module that helps businesses to plan tasks and track the total time spent on them. Users can also manage workflow by transaction types such as purchase order, job request, work order and more.

Web Architecture

Users have access anytime from anywhere via standard Internet browsers

Design & Ergonomy

Coswin 8i is very intuitive and easy to use so deployment is more efficient


Multiple companies & multiple languages. Data & screens are adapted according to the zone & user profile

Security and traceability

Comply with the security and environmental legislation in force

Reporting & performance indicators

 User-friendly reports to evaluate maintenance effectiveness and the status of your assets