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Smart Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Solution

Smart O&M solutions support Industrial Risk Management, Computer Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) / Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) by enabling industrial decisions based on true data from mobile workers, connected objects and external systems.

Coswin 8i – CMMS Solution

CMMS & EAM, namely Coswin 8i, is web architected with customizable user profiles and maintenance functionalities such as asset, inventory and work order management, preventive and predictive maintenance. Its main dashboard view offers access to all these features and displays key performance indicators.

* Web Architected
* Design & ergonomics

coswin 8i dashboard 2
Integrated dashboard view offers access to all these features and displays key performance indicators


By enforcing systematic recording of failures, non-compliance, and work done, the integrated bluebee® solution provides a technical knowledge base to support technical teams’ daily work and to facilitate management decisions

* An online & offline Android App
* Robust off-the-shelf software
* Multiple choices of devices

Bluebee Mobile
Bluebee® helps worker to capture data from the field & to enforce best practices

Bluebee® X

Bluebee® X enables companies operating physical assets in tough business environment and fast-changing regulatory landscape to enforce Asset & Risk Management best practices from board room to field workers.

* Enforcing international best practices
* A robust scalable platform

bluebee X
Bluebee® X integrates with 3DBIM (Building Information Models) & GIS (Geographical Information Systems) for easy end-users access

Web Architecture

Users have access anytime from anywhere via standard Internet browsers

Design & Ergonomy

Coswin 8i is very intuitive and easy to use so deployment is more efficient


Multiple companies & multiple languages. Data & screens are adapted according to the zone & user profile

Security and traceability

Comply with the security and environmental legislation in force

Reporting & performance indicators

 User-friendly reports to evaluate maintenance effectiveness and the status of your assets